Post Event: PyHack Workshop #01

PyPTUG had a successful first event for the PyHack Workshop #01 and plans are in the works for more in the future.

Anyone looking for information or summary of the activities can check here or here for a more complete summary.

PyHack Workshop

We are partnering with the Python Piedmont Triad Users Group (or PyPTUG) to host their PyHack Workshop. The first workshop is this Saturday (Nov 10th @ 3pm). RSVP using the event link in the box to the right of this post.

A monthly workshop using the wonderful Python programming language to do cool hacks, bridging the virtual and the physical. Presented by PYPTUG, in collaboration with Fablocker. We invite anyone who is interested in learning Python to attend.

Workshop #1
This month, we feature the Raspberry Pi.

We will also demonstrate how to setup AdaFruit's WEB IDE for Raspberry Pi and Python. We will also get you going with iPython, and with GPIOs. We will do a bit of tinkering, make a special interface cable, write some code and build the PiQuizMachine! By the conclusion of the workshop, we should be able to actually play the ...

Burlington Mini Maker Faire

FabLocker had a booth at the Burlington "Mini" Maker Faire at the Holly Hill Mall. It was an event organized by the Alamance Maker's Guild which also is looking to start their own make space in the Burlington area. FabLocker along with other hackerspaces showed up to show their support. We also took some photos from the event (and one video).


Register for April 23rd ioXchange: Book Giveaway & Distributed Version Control

April 23, 6:30pm @ Old Winston Social Club

Be sure to register for ioXchange here in order to get this free book:

April ioXchange Graphic

3D Printed Flying Propeller Toy

One of our members, Dennis Nikolaidis of Animusing Productions, used his superb 3D modeling and design skills to create a model of a propeller toy that he had engineered.

It was then printed on one of our 3D printers, assembled, and tested right here at the Fablocker space.

It worked on it's maiden flight! However, Dennis has already identified several ways to make improvements.

That's the great thing about rapid prototyping technology such as RepRap printers--you can quickly and cheaply print out your products, see how well the design worked, make improvements and reprint for further testing.

Here is another video of more testing:

The Quadcopter is Alive!

Several months ago one of our members (CNC Bob) started a Quadcopter project at the Fablocker space in Winston Salem, NC. Using the 3D printers at Fablocker, Bob designed and then printed parts for the quadcopter. Combined with electronics, motors, and software... the quadcopter has sprung to life!

As you can tell from the video, there is still plenty of work left to do when it comes to calibrating the quadcopter for proper flight balance... which only means more video updates coming soon : )

Videos from the TDD Presentation

In case you missed the ioXchange Presentation on Test Driven Development in March, we were able to capture most of it on video.


Questions Session

Slides from the Presention

Local makers group featured in news

One of the local makers groups The Alamance Makers Guild, was featured in their local paper. One of our members was at the meeting showing off his 3D printer, and FabLocker gets a mention along with some other local hackerspaces. You can read the article at The Times News.

Also, don't forget to check out their site for the Burlington Mini Maker Faire.