Code Year Celebration Day

By David on Feb. 8, 2012 Comments

One of our members is learning programming from scratch by participating in codecademy's Code Year. This teaches a series of lessons, a new one each week for one year, that you can do in your web browser. Currently, it uses JavaScript, something heavily used to automate websites such as this one, to go through the basics of programming in a high-level language.

So when Code Year announced they were declaring Feb 7th, Code Year Celebration Day, which would be observed by having code year participants host meetups in their local community, we decided to host one for the Winston-Salem area. For those interested, they have their own meetup page for finding a meetup in your local area. Likewise, you can just go straight to the one for Winston-Salem.

We had such a good turn out and positive response from the first class, including a few people who are not using Code Year yet but will now that they've seen it in action to learn some programming themselves. As a result, we decided to continue doing the meetups weekly starting the week after Valentine's Day. This will be a drop-in class meaning you don't need to attend everyone and its meant to supplement the lessons you do on your own time. We will be going over past lessons, covering any issues or lessons people tend to get stuck on and doing some of the projects or extra exercises in a group setting.

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