Neckbeard Rodeo was in town

By David on Jan. 19, 2012 Comments
One of our members just recently did a quick class titled "Neckbeard Rodeo - Basic Python HTTP Communication" which as the title mentions the topic focused on HTTP communication using Python and some tricks that may help with sending http headers in an order the server expects from a normal web browser, using SSL, etc. A code example was used for the main part of the presentation. Attendance required a offering of beer which was shared by all (over 21). Beer and code go well together or many people must think so because we had quite the turn out for our first class. 10 people were in our meeting area at one time, many had to stand although they didn't seem to mind.

The example code used can be found on the events and activities section of our wiki.

This was an exciting milestone for FabLocker as this was our first official class. We have other classes in the works in the future including more activities for development and coding like DevDojo and ioXchange. Check our Meetup or the Events tile on the right to see what we have coming up.

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