PyHack Workshop

By David on Nov. 5, 2012 Comments

We are partnering with the Python Piedmont Triad Users Group (or PyPTUG) to host their PyHack Workshop. The first workshop is this Saturday (Nov 10th @ 3pm). RSVP using the event link in the box to the right of this post.

A monthly workshop using the wonderful Python programming language to do cool hacks, bridging the virtual and the physical. Presented by PYPTUG, in collaboration with Fablocker. We invite anyone who is interested in learning Python to attend.

Workshop #1
This month, we feature the Raspberry Pi.

We will also demonstrate how to setup AdaFruit's WEB IDE for Raspberry Pi and Python. We will also get you going with iPython, and with GPIOs. We will do a bit of tinkering, make a special interface cable, write some code and build the PiQuizMachine! By the conclusion of the workshop, we should be able to actually play the game (up to 4 teams).

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